Browsers like Google Chrome; Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9; and Firefox 3.5.7 or higher are supported.

A physical contract is not required, however, we need you to agree to our Terms and Conditions before passing minutes over our platform. Our Terms and Conditions are legally binding and are considered as a contract between your company and us. Not accepting the Terms and Conditions will prevent you from getting access to our portal.

Yes. Account details can be edited through the Profile option in the menu bar. Company Information and Contact Info can be edited from here.

You can click on forgot password on the login screen to change your password or go to My Account and click on the Change My Password option.

Get in touch with the Account Manager or sales person to rectify the problem. Contact info is available on the Profile page.

Currently, we provide a single login ID per account.

Contact your Account Manager or a Sales person for more information on our reseller program.

Click on the Forgot Password option on the Login page to recover your credentials.

IP Addresses and Switches

Click on Settings in the menu bar to add a new IP address (or switch). In the Manage Switches field, enter your new IP address and click on Add. Note: Configuring the new IP address across our network may take up to an hour.

Click on Settings in the menu bar to remove an IP address. Select the IP address that you wish to remove in the Manage Switches field and click on the Remove Switch button.